Sukhoi Su-35 Super Flanker

Su35 Super Flanker

Improved 'glass cockpit' version of the Su-27, with canard foreplanes, more powerful radar, more powerful engines, and possibly thrust-vectoring nozzles, and an electronics upgrade. The Su-35 has a completely new FCS from that on the Su-27. As well as canards, it has a new, square-topped tailfin (with internal fuel tanks). It also has a new N-011 radar with a range of up to 400 km (or 200 km against ground targets) which can simultaneously track more than 15 targets, engaging six. The new EO complex gives compatibility with advanced "smart" weapons. An advanced datalink allows coordinated group operation and the tailcone houses the antenna for a rear-facing radar which will allow "over-the-shoulder" missile shots. The Su-35 will be compatible with the new 400-km Novator KS-172 AAM-L missile. Flight testing in now reportedly complete and production has been funded. The Su-35 looks a lot like the Su-33. Consideration is being given to retrofit Su-35s with thrust vector control as seen in the Su-37.

Type: Su-35
Country: Soviet Union / Russia
Year: 1994?
Crew: 1
Function: fighter
Engines: 2 * 137.3kN AL-31MF
Wing Span: 15.16 m
Length: 21.96 m
Height: 6.84 m
Wing Area: 62 m2
Empty Weight: 18400 kg
Max.Weight: 34000 kg
Speed: 2440 km/h
Ceiling: 18000 m
Range: 3500 km
Armament: 1*g30mm 8200 kg payload

Su-35 Specifications
In-service year1996
PowerplantTwo Lyulka AL-31FM afterburning turbofans, 30,855 lb thrust each
ArmamentOne GSh-30-1 30mm cannon with 150 rounds, plus up to 17,636 lb including R-27B/T/TM AAM, R-73R IR/LASER-guided AAM, R-73RM thrust-vector AAM, R-77 AAM, KS-172 AAM-L, Kh-25ML/MP anti-bunker AGM, Kh-29 anti-armor AGM, Kh-29V anti-radar AGM, Kh-31 anti-armor or Kh-31Sh anti-bunker AGM on eleven external points
Wingspan49 ft 9 in (15.2 m)
Length72 ft 9 in (22.2 m)
Height22 ft 5 in (6.9 m)
Ceiling59050 ft
Speed1550 mph (2500 km/h)
Range2610 mi (4200 km)

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